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Closure Journal

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A journal can make room for so much growth by helping you to process the "noise", reflection, and even discover the truth as you are growing on your journey. Study after study shows the effects on how journaling can improve mental health. Improving memory, boosting mood, developing emotional functions, and overall can reduce stress which impacts the immune system and every aspect of your life.

We also believe more can be done together than alone. Journal alongside JmStorm–throughout this journal, you will find exclusive JmStorm quotes.

Closure Journal- “Closure” is for anyone looking to reflect and let go. Filled with inspiring quotes, it can help put things in perspective and bring on peace. Throughout the journal, JmStorm will be walking with you in the process of grieving and healing and ultimately helping to reflect and find acceptance. “Closure” can be associated with a relationship, a season of life, innocence, an environment, and/or anything that you don’t want to let go of but need to—helping you to move from a place of struggle to having peace with the memories that reside to continue moving forward. 

“letting go doesn’t mean forgetting. It means realizing and accepting it is not part of your reality. Letting go is letting it become just a memory.”

• Notebook measures 8.5" x 5"
• Spiral-bound
• Rounded corners
• Debossed JM on the cover
• 160 pages (80 spreads)
• Closure strap

Collect all three HERE